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Hello, and thank you for your interest in a custom, handpainted, pastel PAWtrait. 

A custom portrait by a professional artist is not merely a representation or likeness of an animal.  The creative choices in color, style and presentation are carefully chosen and balanced to present your furry family member at their very best, while creating a pastel painting that stands on its own as a work of art that will surely become a cherished family heirloom.

The portraits I do are done from the photos provided to me by my clients.  I ask that you send me as many as you can (no less than 4), as this is extremely helpful when choosing the best photo to create the portrait from.  I only work from the final photo choice, which I will inform you of before beginning the process.  Let me know if you have a favorite photo among those sent to me so I can keep that in mind and let you know if I feel it is suitable to work from.  If you are wanting to do a portrait of multiple pets I recommend individual portraits of each that can be done in a unifying style and even framed together in a collage style if you prefer.  If you are wanting multiple animals in one portrait then the photo must contain all animals involved.  I do not combine several single shots into one combined portrait because, personally, I am not a fan of those types of portrait outcomes.   

Photos will need to be emailed to me at  Photos need to be sent to me in the highest resolution possible.  You can also mail them to me on a CD or flash drive if you prefer that option.  Include the name and gender of your pet(s) and any other personality traits you would like to share with me about them.  If you are in the Denver metro area you can even enlist me to take the photos of your pet(s) for an additional fee.  (I’m a photographer too! 😊 You get to keep the digital images when I’m done)  When looking for photos for me to consider please keep in mind the following:

  • Look for photos that show a great deal of detail (can see details in the fur and eyes especially).  The better the photo the better your artwork will be. 

  • Unique angles of your pet instead of straight on shot make for more unique PAWtriats and can better show off your individual pet’s personality.

  • Photos taken outside are typically better than those taken indoors as details show up better in outdoor lighting.  When shooting outside look for shaded areas as this provides gorgeous diffused light.  Shooting in direct sunlight can cause harsh shadows which remove detail. 

  • Try to include whole body photos as well as close-up head and shoulder shots. 

  • Subject should fill the frame and not be in the distance.

  • Photos taken with simple backgrounds are best.

  • Try not to use flash! Otherwise you get starred out eyes and all detail is lost in them.  To me the eyes are so very important in conveying a sense of who your pet truly is and this detail cannot be overlooked. 

  • Very light and very dark colored animals need special care.  Generally, photos of dark animals need to include highlights and light animals need shadows in order to show the fur correctly and not make it just appear flat. 

  • Make sure the images are in focus.  Seems silly to say this but you’d be surprised.  😊


I require a $50, non-refundable, deposit in order to secure a spot on my waiting list.  You can email me at to inquire as to how far out I am when you are considering commissioning me.  If you hoping for a PAWtrait as a gift, please plan ahead!  Each portrait takes 1-3 weeks to complete, depending on the size of the piece commissioned.  As your spot on my wait-list approaches, I am in contact with you to ensure I have everything I need to begin your commissioned piece(s).


When the artwork is completed, I will email you a digital image of it for you to see and make sure you are 100% happy.  Each piece is then sealed, mounted and matted and prepared for delivery.  Framing is available for an extra charge and can be discussed during the ordering process.  If the piece(s) will be shipped, then a shipping costs will be added as well.  Final payment for the artwork will be required before I ship, or deliver, the piece to you.  I accept Venmo, Paypal and check as forms of payment.


If you choose to frame your piece on your own, that is perfectly fine!  I do recommend doing so as quickly as possible after receiving the piece from me.  Pastels are very fragile and can be damaged quite easily.I can not be responsible for any mishandling or artwork once it is delivered to you.  I also recommend that my artwork is framed using museum quality, UV protectant, non-glare glass, which shows off your piece the best, as well as protecting it to last for future generations to enjoy.


If you have additional questions please 

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